Turning Life foundation is looking for volunteers that can help in any form and shape the . The support can come in the form of teaching, helping kids in specific areas of education, spending time with them, providing them with stationery, food or any other financial help will be much appreciated. Scope for Volunteering: Teaching children: Helping children to learn important subjects as per the curriculum of Butterflies.

Enhancing Life Skills:

Conducting sessions with children on topics like respecting others, tolerance, respecting cultural diversity, dealing with emotions, tackling drug abuse, decision making, empowering them with effective communication skills and etcetera.

Art & Crafts:

We believe that there is an artist hidden in every child but that needs to be brought forward. Hence we have started an initiative to teach children make various products which could enable them to make use of their creative potentials.

Health Care:

Doctors and other medical professionals will assist with medical check ups of children, provide medical treatment to sick children and conduct health education/ awareness sessions.

Storytelling Sessions:

Imparting morals and value education to children through story telling sessions. So not only it adds to the recreational needs of a child, it goes on a long way in providing them with lessons in morality.

Cultural Activities:

Engaging children in cultural activities such as music, dance, theatre so that they can realize their hidden potential.

Culinary & Catering:

Since we believe in all-round development of a child and want them to be self sufficient, we will also conduct culinary teaching sessions where different cuisines will be taught which will further add value to the existing curriculum. The entire module will be conducted in english language. This will not just make the kids develop their english language skills but also train them in management skills. They can further aid in assisting in the everyday management of Butterflies School of Culinary & Catering and support in marketing BSCC catering services.

Recreation/ Educational Tours:

Organizing picnics for groups of children or visits to educational sites or monuments.

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