Save a life, Make a Difference, Donate

The winter is here. The days have become cold and the nights colder. While we spend our hours in the warmth of our homes, we must not forget the plight of thousands of children who don’t have a shirt on their back. We mustn’t forget about those little kids who cling to their mothers for warmth because the winter is too harsh for their tattered clothes. There are thousands of children in our country who have to sleep on an empty stomach. Education is a luxury for them. The things that we take for granted – a safe home, medical facilities, clean clothes, drinking water, four square meals a day or even a warm cup of tea – seem like a matter of privilege for these marginalized children.

Maybe it’s about time that we pause and count our blessings. And more importantly, maybe it’s time we start becoming more aware of the world around us. It’s about time we look beyond our own existence and our own lives and into the lives of those who might need our help.

Poverty is not a new concept. All of us have either witnessed it or have had a brush with it at some point. All of us who are fortunate enough to have a roof above our heads and four square meals a day, feel genuine sorrow for those who are not as fortunate. But more often than not, we are satisfied with sympathizing with the cause instead of taking a step towards solving the problem. We make peace with the thought that there is nothing that we, as individuals can do. The scale of poverty is immense and we seem powerless to stop it.

But this is not entirely true. The facts tell a very different story. While the battle against poverty is indeed going to be long and hard, we mustn’t forget that there are a large number of people who are privileged; and when chipped in together, our pocket change can become very powerful. We don’t have to be a billionaire to make a difference; even a penny helps.

So let us stop looking away from the issue and face it head-first. Every penny matters and every helping hand can save a life. Let’s be kinder human beings and help build a safe world for everyone.

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