Bright minds lead to brighter nation.

We welcome you to come and help us educate the faint heads by enlightening them with the candle named BOOKS. We can help the underprivileged children get an educated life to live in the literate world where they will not be left behind where eyes would look down upon them with pitiful eyes.

You can always greet the children by sparing some of your valuable time and volunteer by teaching them or sharing any educational or knowledgeable vision of yours which will help them learn and get aware about the community around them. Along with this donations for old books or any other educational stationery items which are or no use to you are warmly welcomed by us which would be very helpful for these uneducated darker minds as they will help them learn and fill more colours to their thoughts.

OR, You can always organise a recreational tour or culinary session, arts and craft, origami,

Or any other creative session you  have in your mind you can volunteer for the same with these children from the medium of our organisation.We also provide a running kitchen for feeding the children to help them get the minimal nutrition in life for better and healthy life. We thankfully accept donations for the running kitchen we serve for the children.