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Why this is the right time to wake up

Problem Faced

Building Construction, the most rapidly growing segment where the work place should be properly equipped to avoid mishaps. Also no preventive measures are being taken to help the workers on the side-hand where their children are not under any watch which Unfortunately leads to unnoticed deaths taking place at the constructional sites.

Why participate

YES! It is true that helping makes you happy. It surely does.Pitying won’t do any good to these children but one thought and a move can make them have a life,where someday while crossing the roads on seeing such children we won’t pity and think “why don’t people help them”. Be the doers not the thinkers.

Our Work

TurningLife Foundation has come up with the volunteering to teach these underprivileged children where they would be taken care of on the constructional site to help them to keep near their parents by giving them education and fooding which comes through volunteering and donations.

Humanity Wins

Work along to bring smiles.Take the step to catch a butterfly bringing colours to their dusty lives.

Our organisation works in two ways to help and work for such children.Working for the good brings no harm to one, instead it brings a smile on pale faces which yearn for the same and a glimpse of them would bring you happiness as well.

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