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Can save a child

Feed a Child

We run daycare kitchen at labour camps for feeding the less privileged kids while their parents go to work.

Teach a Child

We provide foundation education to underprivileged children to prepare them for formal education programs and schools in the future.

Raise a Child

We run daycare kitchen at labour camps for feeding the less privileged kids while their parents go to work.

About Turning Life

Who We Are

The turning life foundation is an initiative to empower underprivileged through the power of education. We build our bastions of change at construction sites, which, unfortunately, often house unattended, neglected children who lose the chance to harbour big dreams to causes they don’t understand. But here we are, armed with education and the intention to change the world, one site at a time.

Our Mission

To bring forth important turning points or breakthroughs in the lives of underprivileged children by safeguarding their basic rights. Basic amenities, quality education, protection from probable violations of their rights are what we offer to care and to bring forth immediate and lasting changes in their lives.

Our Vision

We envision a world in which every child attains their basic right to survival, protection, development and participation and want to provide every prerogative to the underprivileged and marginalized children giving them a better life.

What we Do


Provide foundation education to kids at Labor Camps


Run a live kitchen at Labor camps day care to feed unattended kids


Organise health camps for kids and women at construction sites

Our Story

Our Story Began When TLF Founder, Ashish Mittal, stood as a first-hand witness To An Incident that was not new To construction sites. A toddler fell To his death from a temporary elevator shaft, Only To Be found sinking In a quagmire three days later. It Is The taxing nature of manual labour at these sites that renders parents helpless during work hours. Since All adults In the family are busy working, The children are forced to stay in or near Life-Threatening conditions, unheeded.

This Incident Brought The Team At Turning Life In Unison And Gave Us A Reason To Revisit The Value Of Life, The Importance Of Education And The Significance Of Change Itself.

As Catalysts Of Positive Development, We Empower Impoverished Children Through Relevant Education, Timely Meals, And Healthcare Facilities At Construction Sites.

Today, Turning Life Has Created Matured Processes That Can Be Replicated Across The Nation To Multiple Schools At Sites Where Builders Provide Basic Space So We Can Provide For All Other Support In Terms Of Teaching Staff, Meals, Uniform, And Safety.


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